Where to stay in Rawai and Nai Harn beach

October 13, 2022

Rawai is a place not very popular with tourists, but very full of charm for its naturalness and for the spontaneity with which it offers various opportunities for relaxation and fun, but also for real knowledge of the island of Phuket and its traditions: not a coincidentally, many tourist attractions are located right here, on the southern tip of the island, such as the seafood market, the Gypsy Village, and even the large Shell Museum.

Once upon a time, even before the west coast of Phuket was enlarged and therefore improved from a tourist point of view, this was one of the most sought after and most appreciated areas not only by the local community (who loved to spend their weekends by the sea), but even by tourists. Today, however, this part of the island of Phuket has remained a little more muted, to the advantage of other areas and other beaches that, in fact, are more sought after by tourists: it is no coincidence that Rawai is more than anything else seen. as a starting point to other areas, and that it is treated as a transit area, where it is not possible to find many hotels available.

Precisely because many tourists appreciate the west coast more (more suitable especially for young people and those who love nightlife), here you will find few hotels available, and this means on the one hand that you will not have a great variety of choices, but on the other side that, if you love relaxation, you could appreciate the less confusion present in this area to stay in a certainly more peaceful place.

If you are looking for information on the places where you can stay in Rawai, surely there are several platforms that offer places for everyone: in any case, we can recommend one of the most interesting and noteworthy as the Serenity Resort, which also offers of the splendid panoramas on the neighboring islands. This hotel is located on the coast and is essentially one of the few that can be found in the waterfront area: there are several others, for example, more located inland, such as the “Golden Tulip Mangosteen Resort” which is located right up on a nearby hill, and the “Coconut Paradise Villas” which especially offers villas with private pools and which is especially suitable for those looking for relaxation and quiet places for families.

Other interesting accommodations located in the most central area are: Aqua Resort SHA Plus, a beautiful four-star hotel that offers free bicycles, an outdoor swimming pool and a fitness center; The Pace Phuket Boutique Resort, also a four-star hotel with accommodation in spectacular rooms equipped with every comfort; Tea Tree Boutique Resort, a three-star hotel well reviewed by many tourists who have had the opportunity to stay there; Lady Naya Villas – SHA Extra Plus, a splendid five-star hotel, able to offer every possible and imaginable comfort.

The prices of these accommodations are certainly excellent: in fact, the value for money is the best that can exist in this area.