Scooter & Motorbike Delivery Service in Chalong

Wanderlust indicates the desire to go elsewhere, to go beyond one’s own world, to seek something else: a desire for exoticism, discovery and travel. It can reflect an intense desire for personal self-development through the discovery of the unknown, facing unforeseen challenges and learning about unknown cultures and lifestyles.


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Get Your Scooter & Motorbike in Chalong!

Are you looking for the scooter delivery service in Chalong area? You've come to the right place!

My name is Edoardo, and my company Wanderlust has been working for some time now, with good prospects and satisfaction from my customers, to provide an exclusive and efficient scooter rental service throughout the area, including that of Chalong.

What distinguishes my service and what makes my company different from many others in the sector is above all transparency: you can see with your own eyes the prices of my rental services, which may vary depending on both the model of the scooter and the number of days in which the service is active.

I always try to offer the best value for money, but also an easy to use service, in which there are no unpleasant surprises or hidden costs: I do it both because of my characteristic and because me too, when I am on vacation, I would like to find the same treatment as a tourist.

This also applies to the delivery service that I have decided to offer to my customers: a service that you will surely find advantageous and effective, both in terms of value for money and in terms of reliability and speed.

My company and I always act in the interest of the tourist, knowing that every advantage we offer to our customers will translate into a return advantage for us: a satisfied and happy customer is a customer who will recommend our service to other people through the word of mouth, which will write excellent reviews about us and which therefore helps us to expand and to have more and more credibility.

If you need to rely on a delivery service in Chalong, do not hesitate to contact us: the price for all the advantages you will have with our service is 300 baht.

For any request or information, you can write to us: another of our strengths is the customer service, available, friendly and courteous, always ready to answer all your questions.

What to do in Chalong:

In addition to the delivery service, as I told you we also offer a scooter rental service: the scooter is the fastest but also the most reliable way to move quickly and without problems in tourist resorts, because it allows you to save a lot of time compared to public transport and it is also much more reliable because it allows you to be autonomous and independent.

Furthermore, all the areas surrounding Chalong can be quite busy, and being on a scooter allows you to save a lot of precious time, which you can use to stay on the beach to enjoy the white sands and crystal clear waters, or to go to the nearby tourist resorts.

The Chalong Beach of Phuket is located on the south-eastern side of the island and is worthy of attention from the tourist: since it is a suitable place to moor boats (even competitions are organized every year), perhaps it is not the beach more suitable for swimming, but it is definitely a place to visit for fun and many activities.

Here you can enjoy excellent Thai dishes in their traditional version and in the evening,you can stop to sip excellent drinks, listen to good music and finally meet many new people. If you have rented one of our scooters, you can also move to other areas of tourist interest, such as Wat Chalong, which is one of the pearls of this location: it is the largest, revered and visited Buddhist temple in Phuket, built in early 19th century.

With its gilded ceilings, its particular constructions, its steps and its magnificent statues, this temple is one of the most sought after and also one of the most honored by Thais. From here, you will also be able to see the great Buddha of Phuket.


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