Honda Scoopy 110cc

200 Bath/Day
- 140 Bath/More Than 5 Days
- 2500 Baht/Month


A motorcycle doesn’t always have to be excessively large or too fast: in fact, the most important feature that a vehicle must possess to be suitable for the public is versatility, which means that the vehicle must adapt to all travel conditions and offer the answer to different needs.

If you are on vacation in a country you want to visit without having to wait for buses or public transport, you will certainly need to move in total freedom and safety, also taking into account aspects such as traffic: the traffic conditions of the city are one of the reasons why many tourists who come to our shop choose a small and manageable public transport, such as the motorbike we are about to describe.

In fact, the familiar design and not too excessive dimensions allows a motorcyclist to move on a vehicle that knows how to respond perfectly to his needs of average speed but above all of versatility: there are many people who prefer this fantastic vehicle precisely due to the fact that it is handy and at the same time safe. It is obvious that to move around the city you do not necessarily need a vehicle that is too fast, and that is why perhaps the motorcyclist who loves excessive speeds will be less interested in this scooter: all the others, however, will be able to enjoy many of its features. which make it unique in its kind.

Let’s see together what they are:

• First of all the engine: it is an air-cooled 110 cc engine, equipped with a hydraulic disc brake on the front side and mechanical drag brakes at the rear of the vehicle. These characteristics make the vehicle sufficiently suitable for a quick and agile movement, very useful in traffic conditions;

• There is a useful compartment under the saddle, which allows you to protect your belongings and carry up to 15.4 liters inside;

• The engine check warning is a useful method to make you feel safe, allowing you to drive without having too many thoughts;

• At the same time, you can also take advantage of a 3.7-liter fuel tank that allows you to travel around 53 kilometers with a liter: you no longer have to worry about refilling continuously and you can move with peace of mind;

• You can choose different types of color: it is present in red, black, pink, white, yellow;

• The starting is electric and pedal;

• Finally, the seat has large dimensions that allow you to feel comfortable and at ease, thus giving you an extremely comfortable travel experience. The curb weight of the vehicle is approximately 91.0 kg (200.6 lbs).

Honda Scoopy 110cc - Price Table

200 Bath/Day
- 140 Bath/More Than
7 Days

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