Yamaha QBIX 125cc

250 Bath/Day
- 200 Bath/More Than 5 Days
- 3500 Baht/Month


Visiting Thailand is the desire of many people who are passionate not only about scuba diving and characteristic landscapes, but also about Thai culture, which embraces many sectors and is certainly worth knowing. If you are a tourist and want to immerse yourself in Thai culture, you should consider renting a scooter as a means of transport: in fact, compared to other means such as cars or buses, the motorbike is an advantageous choice for many reasons .

However, the advantage of renting a scooter to move freely and independently must be accompanied by a prudent choice: not all motorcycles are suitable for all types of travel, and for this reason it is very important to understand which is the best solution depending on the own needs. A scooter that you could consider is one of the latest models on the market: we are talking about the QBIX 125 cc. It is a very recent model, which is chosen by many tourists due to its simplicity of use but also the its satisfactory response to many common tourist needs: one of these consists precisely in being able to move freely and quickly, reaching one’s desired destination in a short time and freeing oneself from city traffic which, in many cases, represents a real obstacle to optimization weather.

One of the exclusive advantages of moving around by scooter consists precisely in the fact of being able to arrive at the set destinations in a short time, thus having the opportunity to plan a greater number of routes because the time saved in traffic is transformed into useful time to visit more places interest.

The scooter in question is very interesting, because it represents a big step forward towards the world of the future, thanks to its innovative technology and thanks to the presence of many features that make the bike almost futuristic and robotic. The visual impact is interesting: in fact, if you are a design enthusiast you might really appreciate the look of this scooter which will fully satisfy you from the first sight.

Among the advanced features of this scooter we can mention the LED headlight and taillight; moreover, there is a complete digitization of the instrumentation which comes with an LCD screen, a mobile charging socket, and an advanced smart key system.

In addition, there are disc brakes with ABS, and a very large space under the seat (about 22.5 litres) which allows you to keep your small luggage safe.

Yamaha QBIX 125cc - Price Table

250 Bath/Day
- 200 Bath/More Than
7 Days

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