Scooter & Motorbike Delivery Service in Kata

Wanderlust indicates the desire to go elsewhere, to go beyond one’s own world, to seek something else: a desire for exoticism, discovery and travel. It can reflect an intense desire for personal self-development through the discovery of the unknown, facing unforeseen challenges and learning about unknown cultures and lifestyles.


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Get Your Scooter & Motorbike in Kata!

Are you looking for the scooter delivery service in Kata area? You've come to the right place!

My name is Edoardo, and I have a company called Wanderlust, which deals with scooter rental services for tourists who come from all over the world and who want to get the best out of their vacation.

I will not waste your time to list all the advantages of scooter rental, because within this site you will find all the detailed information on models we have and the prices we offer.

One of the qualities of my company is to guarantee an efficient and highly qualitative service, but also very transparent. I too was (and still am) a tourist and I also know how nerve-wracking it can be to need a service in a country you don't know and where you don't know exactly how to move in order not to receive unpleasant surprises.

The price for our delivery service in Kata is 400 bath: this price is justified both by the quality of the service and by the fact that we are always available to offer an efficient, fast product that reaches you quickly and reliably and that can ultimately deliver all the quality you need to visit the pleasant beaches and splendid tourist areas in Phuket.

What to see in Kata:

One of the tourist areas that deserves attention and that must absolutely be visited if you are here on vacation is Kata. This location includes the most popular beach in Phuket after Patong and it is in fact one of the most beautiful to visit for the tourist who loves white sands and crystal clear waters.

Here you can spend really pleasant moments, take fantastic photos at sunset, do some beautiful dives but also enjoy typical traditional dishes thanks to the good choice of restaurants, shops and bars. You can also find interesting night clubs where you can enjoy unforgettable moments.

Kata beach is a destination that you certainly cannot help but visit and that is very versatile: in fact, this place is suitable for singles who want to make new friends or for both groups and families who want to entertain their children.

However, Kata is not just about the beach. If you travel by scooter, you can be at an advantage because this location offers many tourist points of some interest, which you can reach very quickly if you have rented one of our scooters.

If you want to take the opportunity to appreciate good Thai food, an excellent choice is to go to try Kampong Kata Hill at the top of the hill: here you can enjoy excellent food.

In addition, you may appreciate the beauty of the Kata Temple and a truly extraordinary observation point, which is the Karon View Point, which offers an observation point on the three bays.

For any information about our delivery service, do not hesitate to contact us: we will be happy to help you and provide you with all the details and answers you need.


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