Yamaha Grand Filano 125cc

250 Bath/Day
- 200 Bath/More Than 5 Days
- 3500 Baht/Month


Are you looking for a scooter suitable for your travels in wonderful Thailand and don’t know which one to choose among the many possibilities in our shop? One of the best scooters that we can recommend, especially to those who want to satisfy the need for speed and resistance together, is the 2020 Yamaha Grand Filano 125 cc model: with this bike you will be able to feel really safe and at ease, being able to ride a fairly simple and versatile but at the same time also fast and functional.

One of the most common needs of tourists is to be able to move freely and quickly, in order to be able to reach places of interest quickly: traffic is the number one enemy of motorists in many cities in Thailand, and this is the reason main reason why renting a car is not recommended, in favor of the scooter, which allows you to be faster and more agile (always in full compliance with the laws and the highway code).

The scooter is very easy and allows you to plan many more routes because it allows you to optimize the time available to you. Compared to public transport, you don’t have to wait long for the next steps and you are autonomous and also free to change what you had previously planned.

You will be spoiled for choice among the scooters that we present in our motorbike rental shop, and in general we are also able to provide specific information and advice on targeted choices, according to everyone’s needs.

This scooter model is the right compromise for those who want good value for money: it is an automatic transmission model, with a fairly effective and powerful engine (which allows you to have a safe and comfortable driving experience on all types of road), and with a weight that communicates the strength and compactness of the motor vehicle. Grand Filano Hybrid is equipped with a fully automatic gearbox.

One of the interesting features of this model is the fact that the filler cap is located in the leg guard and can be opened without necessarily having to open the seat: in this regard, we recall that the tank capacity is 4.4 liters (an average ) and that the underseat space is quite large, as it can hold two half-shell helmets. Finally, with disc brakes, this model of scooter is quite light and can be easily driven even by small or not very robust people.

Yamaha Grand Filano 125cc - Price Table

250 Bath/Day
- 200 Bath/More Than
7 Days

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