Where to eat in Rawai and Nai Harn beach

October 13, 2022

Rawai is one of the most famous places in Phuket: it’s located in the extreme south of the island of Phuket, and even if it is very different from other beaches (and, perhaps also for this reason, very often it isnt considered among the destinations most interesting), this town has a lot to offer especially as regards the variety of experiences that can be done and that adapt to the most diverse types of tourists. One of the most interesting attractions that Rawai is able to offer is above all the variety of good food: variety, in this case, can also be easily associated with quality, since this area is able to guarantee timely and respectful Thai cuisine traditions, and the food, consequently, is always of excellent quality. This definition helps us to think that in Rawai you eat well almost everywhere, and actually this is the case: if you want to eat well in Phuket, this is one of the areas that you absolutely must visit, because you will be surprised by the variety of fish and seafood, which here you can taste according to the recipes and traditions of the local community. Where can you eat well in Rawai? The answer is: everywhere. However, if we want to know a little more, we can deepen our knowledge of the island and discover that there are many interesting places to enjoy good local food.

Let’s start by saying that Rawai beach certainly has a very interesting history for a very specific reason: in fact, once it was the most easily accessible location not only for locals, but also for tourists. Over the years and when it was possible to reach the west coast of Phuket, Rawai has lost some of its splendor, but today it is considered the starting point for many activities.

Once upon a time, families gathered on this beach to spend some quiet time and to relax, especially on weekends. Today, it is considered above all a reference point to carry out numerous activities but also a starting point for all those who wish to reach the neighboring islands such as visiting Island or Racha Island.

As we said, in Rawai you can eat well everywhere. There are many places where you can enjoy good food from the local community: an example above all is the fish and seafood market, characteristic compared to many other restaurants because here you will be the one to choose the fish and seafood from a side of the road, and you can take them to the other side of the road where they will then be cooked for 100 baht per kilo. In addition, always near the seafood market you can enjoy excellent “Nikita’s” and “Baan Rimlai”, also typical local food.

If you want to enjoy excellent vegetarian cuisine, here are two interesting restaurants you could go to: the Natural Efe Macrobiotic World (where you can also buy delicacies to take away) which also features a relaxation pool, sauna and yoga and meditation corner; the Raw Cafe Atzumi, where instead you can taste excellent raw food.

Finally, you can enjoy excellent food (with dishes prepared according to traditional Thai recipes) also at Aek Seafood: in addition to being one of the best fish restaurants, it is also one of the places that shows the culture live Thai, since you can eat on floor mats here, just like the locals do.