What to do in Rawai

October 13, 2022

If you are a tourist and you are looking for excellent opportunities to relax in Phuket, you’ll surely have heard a lot about famous beaches and localities: compared to the other seaside resorts very popular with tourists, Rawai is certainly not the most sought after and famous, also because today tourism is much more inclined to reach the more famous west coast, leaving the southern end of the island a little aside.

It’s no coincidence, in fact, that here in Rawai you cannot actually enjoy a full-fledged seaside resort: it isnt a beach intended in that sense, where you can come and lie down in the sun and swim, despite in ancient times it was one of the weekend destinations for families of the local community, who certainly appreciated its versatility. Today it is more considered a destination of passage, a starting point to reach the nearest islands, which can also be observed directly from the beach: in fact, the panorama offered by Rawai is one of the most pleasant ever.

However, it must be said that, although it seems impossible, when it comes to the beach, bathing is not the only activity that can be carried out: the right bay of the place is a great example, where several motorboats and boats are anchored, which they can be hired for a nice trip to the islands; or, the fact that many sporting activities such as kitesurfing can be carried out.

In short, even if here it is not the right place to swim and enjoy a sunny day, Rawai beach is an excellent point of reference to carry out many activities and to live different pleasant experiences: one of them is precisely the good food, since when you visit a tourist resort you are often also interested in learning about local traditions, even from a culinary point of view. This area is very popular, not only by tourists who can appreciate the variety and quality of fish and seafood (for example, the seafood market is famous here where you can order fish and have it cooked directly on the place), but also because Rawai is a place where you can really learn about local traditions (for example, in a well-known fish restaurant you can eat on floor mats, just like the locals do).

The attractions that you can visit here are many and are able to offer different opportunities for fun and relaxation in a very varied way. In the vicinity of the place, for example, you will find the characteristic “Gypsy Village”: once, this was a real residential village for fishermen, where they lived with their families: today, here you can especially buy beautiful shells and pearls, and not surprisingly the Gypsy Village is a very characteristic place when it comes to shopping for souvenirs and souvenirs at low prices. If you have come this far, then, you cannot help but appreciate the great Phuket Shell Museum: here you can observe splendid varieties of shells, immersing yourself in a real wonderful world full of beautiful sea pearls. In addition, if you are fond of spectacular and effective sunsets, you cannot miss the evening appointment of Cape Promthep: it is famous for its suggestive sunsets and is, for this reason, a true symbol of the island.

We have said that Rawai is an excellent starting point for the nearby islands that can be observed from the numerous viewpoints of the place: from here you can easily reach the nearby Bon Island and its ‘Bon Island Restaurant’, where you can still enjoy excellent local food! If you prefer to go for a swim, you can go to the white sand beach at Nai Harn (located to the west): you will be fascinated by its beauty!