What to do on Rawai Nai Harn beach

October 13, 2022

It’s one of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket: we are talking about Rawai beach, which is located at the southern end of the island of Phuket, and which is very different from the other beaches on the island. The big difference that this location offers compared to many others of this splendid place is that it is a very quiet area, where it is not possible to swim or dive: however, here you can stop to observe the numerous nearby islands in a fairytale atmosphere, but you can also do much more!

In fact, the mistake that many people make is to think that, since beaches are, par excellence, the place to have fun, sunbathe and swim, it is not acceptable that a tourist resort does not offer these opportunities. . In Rawai you can change your mind because, even if it is not exactly a beach suitable for bathing (but you can still find many others) it is still an ideal place for many other activities loved by tourists: you can enjoy excellent seafood and good food local, maybe even take some nice walks and meet the locals, or you could use it as a starting point for some excursions. In short, the possibilities are truly numerous!

Furthermore, the beauty of Rawai (but, more generally, we could say the beauty of Thailand) is that it offers interesting points of view even during the journey: as you drive south, you will be able to observe what was once known as the “Gypsy Village ”in which the old fishermen lived with their families, making a living from fishing, boat rental and the sale of shells. This place is also famous today, above all for being a very interesting seafood market (food very well known and appreciated in Rawai): if you arrive here on vacation, in fact, you will not miss the opportunity to visit this splendid market, a truly characteristic both for what it offers from the culinary point of view, and for what it is able to offer from the point of view of knowledge of the culture of the local community. In the Rawai seafood market, just off the main beach, you can order any fish or seafood you like and have it cooked for around 100 baht per kilo.

In short, the beach also becomes a place for sharing good food and relaxation: not surprisingly, it is also well known and appreciated by local people because of the numerous fish restaurants that are located right on the seafront. One of these (one of the most famous) is called “Aek Seafood”, and it is very well known because here the food is cooked and offered in the traditional way (eating on floor mats like the locals do).

But it doesnt end there, because Rawai is not only good food and relaxation: as we said, this beach also offers a splendid view of the numerous islands that are located nearby. You could then take advantage of these views and involve your sweetheart in a romantic moonlit walk, stopping to observe one of the most beautiful and engaging sunsets.

And if you are a sporty type, who loves adventure and fun, you could take this location as a starting point for numerous sporting activities: for example, the right side of the bay is a mooring point for boats and motorboats. In addition, you can also go kitesurfing here, when the wind and weather conditions allow it.

In short, as you can see, even if Rawai beach is not really intended as a place where you can swim, it offers many alternatives, suitable for different types of tourists and therefore to satisfy many different needs.