What to check before renting a motorbike in Phuket

October 5, 2022

Renting a motorcycle is an interesting choice, especially when you are in a tourist location like Thailand, where you want to appreciate as much as possible in the shortest possible time. There are many people who, nowadays, decide to rent a scooter in Phuket, because traveling by motorcycle allows you to be fast and optimize your time, reaching different places in a short time and beating the city traffic.

Many people wonder if this choice, in addition to being effective from the point of view of optimizing time and money, can also be considered safe from the point of view of security and protection from scams and deception attempts: it is normal that, if you arrive for the first time in an unknown place of which you do not know the culture, habits and language, there may be fear of relying on a motorcycle rental company. In general, the advice to avoid scams is to rely on highly qualified rental services and possibly make this choice before leaving: in this way you will have plenty of time to find the right company and you will not have to act in a hurry. It is known, in fact, that haste is a bad advice: take your time before leaving, look at the websites of the agencies on the Internet and do a search for the reviews of other customers, because this will be of great help in the final decision.

In any case, there are some aspects that you absolutely must not underestimate before renting the motorcycle that will accompany you on your journey. There are some aspects that need to be checked in a general way, and others that you need to pay attention to when you are inside the store. Let’s see what they are!

In general, the motorcycle travel adventure can be a lot of fun in Phuket. However, before making this choice you must be convinced of the safety and stability of the motorcycle, but also of your riding skills in a busy city like Phuket. Also, pay attention to the weather too: it would be a real shame if, due to the weather, you had to miss out on unforgettable experiences!

After having made the choice to rent a motorbike, you will need to be sure of the impeccable condition of your means of transport because any breakdown should occur (a flat or flat tire, or a brake failure) could be attributed to you by the company. rental, which may ask you for compensation for the repair of the vehicle. It can be very useful to take pictures of the bike when you are still in the shop: in particular, pay attention to all those elements present on the bodywork, such as scratches or worn plastic parts. Checking the overall appearance and taking photos and videos could help you to assure the company that it was not you who caused any damage that could be attributed to you.

Specifically, you must also aim at your safety, and therefore you will have to check:

  1. Brakes: Don’t just check your motorcycle in the shop parking lot. Take the test drive to check its operation: this will also help you understand that the brakes (both front and rear) work perfectly and without particular hitches. To be sure of their stability you will realize that brakes that work properly are neither too soft nor too tight: if you can brake comfortably, there should be no problem.
  2. Tires: check that the condition of the tires is intact, because it is not at all pleasant to interrupt your journey due to a flat or flat tire, not to mention that the rental company would not compensate you (unless it is specifically written in the contract). More specifically, you should also check the tire pressure, because too low a pressure could make your driving unstable (and therefore it will be safer for you): to carry out the check, just touch the rubber superficially with your fingers. In addition, it is also good to check the treads (never rent a motorcycle that has smooth grooves, as this would mean that they are worn) and for any cuts or cracks.
  3. Chassis: to understand if there are any problems caused, for example, by a previous accident, just take the test drive. You will realize that the motorcycle does not stand still towards the center but will always move you towards the side of the road, thus giving you a feeling of instability. If you notice this problem, it is possible that it has been subject to an accident previously, and therefore could be dangerous.
  4. Lights: you will have to pay particular attention to the functioning of the lights, because you will need them during the night or during a particularly dark day. Specifically, check both the front lights and all the others (dipped beam, direction and brake lights, etc.).
  5. Horn: also tests its operation because, even if in Thailand it is not much used to play, it can be useful in some situations.
  6. Engine: this control is also essential. Specifically, pause to check how many seconds it takes to get it started: too long an interval between the starting moment and the actual ignition may indicate the presence of some problem. Also, make sure there are no background noises, hums, clicks, or clattering noises.
  7. Suspensions and handlebars: to check the operation of the former, simply sit on the motorcycle, which will lower very quickly towards the rear. In addition, the handlebars must be undamaged and not lock by themselves in any situation: if this occurs, you would have enormous difficulty driving in crowded streets or at low speeds (as are, very often, the streets of Phuket).
  8. Clutch: The lever must not be too firm or too soft, and must not make any clicking noise when pressed. Also, it must not slip.
  9. Chain and sprockets: they must be properly cleaned and lubricated to avoid noise and friction that could cause damage and malfunctions to the motorcycle.
  10. Gear lever: it must be firmly installed and allow you to change gear instantly, easily and without problems.

All these checks are necessary because they protect you from problems with the rental company, but above all they allow you to drive safely and peacefully, thus enjoying your holiday to the full.