The Best Time to Visit Rawai and Nai Harn

October 13, 2022

When is the best time to plan your vacation in a location like Rawai? This question is legitimate, and it is right to ask it for two reasons: the first is the difference in climate that could exist with respect to Europe; the second is that if you specifically want to visit a place like Rawai (which is located in the southern tip of the island of Phuket and is not very popular with tourists) you may risk not finding the perfect setting and atmosphere to enjoy the best of your holiday.

Choosing well is very important, and if you have the chance you need to know the characteristics that make a holiday in Thailand better and, even better, in a place like Rawai. In general, the most suitable period (both in terms of climate and entertainment) is the one that goes from November to February: not surprisingly, in these months in Italy autumn is about to end, for leave room for a winter that, especially in the areas of northern Italy, is quite harsh. On the contrary, in these months the climate is very pleasant in Thailand, because you can find pleasant temperatures and little rainfall: there are no monsoons, unlike in the summer, and the climate isn’t hot, as the temperatures are not very high ( as it happens in July and August). Furthermore, the months from November to February are cooler but not humid: the sky is mostly sunny, with a climate that allows you to carry out many activities in total serenity.

However, you must know that the best months (those in which you will be most likely to find sunny weather) are absolutely January and February (in some cases, but not always, even the month of March). Instead, the months in which you could find rainy days more easily are: May, June, July, August, September and October. In these months it may be more difficult to visit many places that are worth seeing, such as the Statue of the Great Buddha and the temple dedicated to it: moreover, on rainy days it may be less pleasant to observe the island from above, and therefore the views would not be very suitable (which in the most beautiful months are very suggestive). As for the water temperature, it is warm all year round: unlike what happens in Italy, you can therefore easily go diving or snorkelling even during the month of December or January, because you will absolutely not suffer from the cold.

Rawai does not offer much space for bathing (especially at its main beach), but it’s full of interesting places that you can visit all year round: an interesting example is the old fishing village (the Gypsy Village) who make a living from fishing and selling. of pearls and shells, which you can also observe closely in the Shell Museum. In addition, you can take a characteristic walk in the middle of the seafood market, and taste the freshly cooked delicacies (priced at 100 baht per kilo), or go by speedboat or boat to the nearest islands. However, if you choose to visit this place in a period of the year when it is very hot, you risk being held back a little by the high temperatures to which you might not be particularly used. Furthermore, the choice must also fall on your actual needs: if you want to take a slightly more relaxed holiday, with few tourists, you will have to opt for the less sought after months, while if you want your holiday to be full of chaos and fun and you want to meet as many people as possible, it is good that you book in the months of greatest tourist interest, which are precisely the ones we have indicated (from November to February).