If you need to travel by road in safety and autonomy, this is the most appropriate way to travel! It is a very interesting bike in terms of fluid and fast movements, but also to ensure safety and tranquility on the road: with its four-stroke internal combustion engine, which offers 300 cc of power, you can always feel at yours. at ease! But let’s see specifically what are the characteristics of this scooter:

• 4-stroke heat engine: you can always feel at ease, being able to count on quick and agile movements, but at the same time safe;

• The starting is electric, the cooling is liquid and the power supply is by injection;

• From the point of view of the chassis, the frame is made of aluminum, thus giving you the feeling of driving a vehicle that is not only safe but also very light, versatile and malleable; moreover, you can count on a front suspension with telescopic fork, and a rear suspension with double shock absorber. The brake is disc, and the wheels are integral;

• Some interesting features are also the presence of the traction control, the 12 V power socket and the spacious underseat compartment that allows you to hold two helmets. This makes it clear, therefore, that this bike is also particularly suitable for two people.

The possibility of traveling on the road in a quick and agile way, feeling safe and at ease is certainly an aspect that should not be underestimated. This scooter is particularly suitable for making you feel important and observed also thanks to its aesthetic characteristics, which are by no means to be underestimated: driving this vehicle, therefore, will allow you to focus on two essential aspects for the motorcyclist, namely speed and grip on street, without neglecting the aesthetic aspect, which is also fundamental.

Suitable for short-distance roads and in the city, this vehicle will allow you to quickly reach your points of interest, thus allowing you not to waste too much time traveling: an interesting aspect, if we consider the needs and requirements of the tourist.

Among the last essential elements we remember: the empty weight, which is 180 kg and therefore allows to guarantee a rather welcoming vehicle for the rider and passenger; and the fuel tank, which holds up to 13 liters, allowing you to make long journeys without too many worries.