Are you looking for a motorcycle with an interesting and elegant design? Do you have particular needs for lightness and versatility and do you want to move freely around the city? You can opt for this useful vehicle: in fact, by riding this bike you will be able to combine different characteristics that don’t cancel each other out, but multiply and make this scooter unique in the sector. Just look at it to understand that it has an extra gear: both from an aesthetic point of view and in terms of mobility.

The aesthetic advantage of driving this vehicle is that you feel observed and attract everyone’s attention: on the road, in fact, it is really very popular because it is designed in a very attractive way. But that is not enough, because the advantage, as we have said, is not exclusively aesthetic: in fact, in addition to being friendly, graceful, elegant and design, it is also a very light and comfortable vehicle. Therefore, we can say that driving it, you feel a particular comfort both on motorways and on busy roads: however, its lightness and its structure make the scooter more suitable for short distances or for movements in the city. This means that this vehicle is perfect for the tourist and for the average motorcyclist, who does not have particular needs in terms of speed but still wants to drive a comfortable and manageable vehicle. In addition, the presence of the low seat and the double seat allows you to feel comfortable and at ease.

Now let’s see what are the specific features of this product that you can find at our shop:

• The engine is quite powerful: it is a 155 cc blue core that reaches a maximum speed of 125 km / h which delivers a power of 11 Kw (15 HP). Its strength is therefore medium and makes it suitable for flexible and fast movements such as those required by those who are driving in the city and also in high traffic conditions;

• It is equipped with an ABS braking system, with a single-beam steel frame, telescopic fork as front suspension and oscillating motor as rear suspension;

• The fuel consumption is excellent: in fact, you can safely drive this scooter covering about 40 km with 1 liter;

• The tank is 6.6 liters, and the compartment under the seat allows you to hold up to 25 liters: this makes us understand how it is particularly suitable for two people;

• You can choose the bike in different colors, including: red-black, white-black and gray-black.

After reading the characteristics and advantages of driving this vehicle, you will surely have the opportunity to understand if it is for you: in any case, if you want to rent it or even simply get more information, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with all the answers you need.