The needs of the motorcyclist are the most disparate. There are motorcyclists who love speed and therefore want to drive a powerful and fast vehicle, suitable for long-distance roads and also particularly suitable for challenges; there are, on the other hand, motorcyclists who prefer to drive versatile and agile vehicles, which are more suited to medium-distance roads or short stretches. Much depends, of course, on your preferences and it is precisely for this reason that you have to know how to choose the right vehicle: not all motorcycles are suitable to meet specific needs, and therefore there are scooters that are more suited to long distances, with cruising speeds. , or means that allow you to be agile and fast. In addition, there are vehicles of large or medium size, or smaller: in short, the range of choice is very varied.

The Yamaha Aerox 155 is one of the motorcycles that allow you to be agile and snappy: if you love accelerating and reaching an average maximum speed, you can opt for this vehicle while obtaining a very interesting size-speed ratio. In fact, just like the PCX or the NMAX, this is a generously sized bike, which makes it possible to make a difference on the road and attract everyone’s attention; at the same time, however, it is not excessively heavy to be unwieldy, but on the contrary it is a snappy and agile vehicle. Let’s see what are the specific characteristics of the product:

• The 155 cc engine, which produces a total power of 14.8 hp (10.8 kw) at 8000 rpm: it is single-cylinder, and 4-stroke with electric start. The maximum speed is 120 km / h;

• The fuel tank is 4.6 liters, and allows for a fairly low consumption;

• From the point of view of electrical performance, we can say that it is equipped with an intelligent electric Stop and Start system and a Smart Key system, equipped with three very important functions for the motorcyclist. These features are the specification of the location, the anti-theft alarm and the switching on and off of the remote signal (exactly as is the case for cars);

• The braking system is ABS, with front disc brakes and rear expansion brakes. There is also CVT transmission;

• The starting is electric and there are digital technological instruments;

• You can choose between different colors: yellow, red and black;

• The weight is average: when empty, in fact, the vehicle weighs about 255.7 lbs (116.0 kg)

• Finally, the bike is equipped with an interesting generously sized compartment under the saddle: in fact, its capacity is approximately 25 liters.

If you have read these features and are interested in driving this splendid motorcycle, or if you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us.