If you want to drive in the city in a free, safe and snappy way, you can undoubtedly rely on the pleasant and comfortable experience that a vehicle like this can give you: in fact, you will be able to have the answer to many of your needs both from the point of view of aesthetic impact. (which for many is an important aspect and certainly not to be underestimated) both as regards the movement itself.

This bike is small, but extremely comfortable and easy to handle: it is a small, unique A.T. scooter, with very interesting features both from the point of view of safety and comfort. If you are on vacation and you want to freely visit the country, or more simply you want to drive a vehicle that allows you to move quickly around the city, you can opt for this vehicle: you will feel safe, but at the same time you can feel at ease and a lot comfortable. But let’s see specifically what are the technical characteristics that will allow you to opt for this choice:

• The engine is a 110 cc SOHC fuel injection unit: it is fully automatic, with air cooling. In addition, there is the CVT, very useful for offering a comfortable and versatile driving especially on short-distance roads, short distances and in the city, with medium-high traffic conditions;

• From the point of view of the chassis, it has 12-inch wheels, and is equipped with a front disc brake (with three-piston caliper) and a rear drum brake;

• The fuel tank is medium: it still allows you to do about 53 km with 1 liter. Obviously, from the point of view of savings there are good prospects that make this medium very interesting;

• A flaw that is worth noting is the bodywork: not particularly sophisticated, but certainly suited to meet the needs of the motorcyclist who is not interested in design but prefers an exposed style and particularly appreciates agility. The fact that the scooter is small certainly makes it easy to handle and versatile and suitable for the road in the city;

• Furthermore, although the storage space is not the best, the vehicle is still suitable for two people;

• The color can be chosen from several varieties:: Yellow-Black, Pink-Black, Orange-Black, White-Black and Black.

If you have carefully read these characteristics you will certainly have understood that this vehicle is especially suitable for those who want to opt for a regular drive, for fast travel on normal roads and in the city. In any case, if you wish to obtain more information and are still undecided, you can contact us: we are happy to answer all your needs or requirements.