Are you in our beautiful country and want to visit it freely, but also in total safety? One of our best vehicles is immediately available to meet your every need: we are talking about our 150 cc Honda Pcx, available within our rental business to meet the creative needs of the average motorcyclist who wants to move freely and safely, but also with full respect for comfort.

This is a sports bike, certainly not suitable for all types of tourists: if you have particular needs to drive a vehicle with an important size, this is certainly the most suitable choice for you. In fact, there are many people who come to our shop and fall in love with this sport bike, large and at the same time also classy: with its elegance and its design you have the feeling of riding a precious vehicle, which gives you extreme satisfaction, not only in terms of driving and movement, but also in terms of aesthetics and beauty. In short, driving this vehicle you will feel all eyes on you: a way to feel important and pampered.

Our quick description has certainly served to make it clear which type of motorcyclist will surely appreciate our vehicle, but to give you more precise information it is necessary to indicate more specifically what the complex characteristics of the vehicle are. Here they are below:

• The 150 cc 4-stroke engine delivers 13.6 HP of power, offering a snappy and fast drive, but also very fluid and versatile;

• There are two long central LED headlights that allow the motorcyclist to benefit from extra safety on the road, especially at sunset or in conditions of visibility at night. Together with this double headlight, the other lights are also LED: this allows you to have a better mobility condition for all needs;

• The style of the bike is robust and versatile;

• From a chassis-only point of view, it is equipped with a tubular steel frame, a 31 mm front fork and a swingarm with double shock absorber. There are also disc brakes from the front (measuring 220 mm) and drum brakes on the rear (measuring 130 mm). Finally, we have integral 14 ”wheels and 90/90 and 100/90 tires;

• An interesting feature not to be underestimated is the habitability of the scooter: you can move around with greater freedom of space and movement;

• Three very interesting functions are: the specification of the PCX position, the anti-theft alarm and the activation and deactivation of the remote signal. We also have an intelligent controller for the starter motor with blue ring LED, which makes it much more comfortable, versatile and easier to move: moreover, the operation is particularly quiet;

• As far as consumption is concerned, you have the opportunity to travel 51.3 kilometers using only 1 liter of fuel;

• A very interesting feature is the ability to open both the seat and the fuel lid with one-touch switches;

• Finally, you can choose this bike with four types of colors: Gray-Black, Red-Black, Black and White-Black.