If you are looking for a special vehicle that makes you feel just as special and fashionable, this is what you are looking for: our Honda Forza 300 cc is large, versatile, but at the same time very elegant and classy. A fashionable vehicle that will make you feel observed and that will undoubtedly be able to attract anyone from the first glance.

In short, if you are looking for something truly unique in size, class and aesthetics, you are in the right place: in our shop you will be able to find your dream bike and thus obtain unique performance that will literally make you adore this vehicle.

The advantages of driving a scooter with these characteristics are many, and also very interesting. In particular, by riding a great premium motorcycle like this you will be able to reap the benefits both from the aesthetic point of view and from the riding point of view.

From an aesthetic point of view, let’s not forget that this is a generously sized vehicle and therefore suitable above all for those who want to get noticed by driving a fashionable and very popular vehicle: the weight-characteristics ratio is all to the advantage of the user, who can still drive. a vehicle with a total weight of 182 kg with a full tank of petrol, 12 kg less than the previous generation model.

It is a very interesting vehicle to drive even for those who love acceleration: in fact, its maximum speed can reach up to 130 km / h, with 25 horsepower at 7000 rpm and a smooth, fast and versatile ride.

But let’s get specifically to the characteristics of the vehicle:

• The dimensions are excellent, with a small turning radius that allows you to move well and without difficulty even in high traffic conditions, and in parking lots;

• You can travel more than 370 km with an 11.5 liter tank: this feature is very interesting because it allows you to travel even for long distances;

• It is easy to ride even in two: in fact, you have an interesting compartment under the saddle that can hold up to 2 helmets;

• CVT transmission and V-belt are present;

• There are also LED lights and the smart key;

• The frame is very solid and is equipped with effective suspension. On the front there is in fact a fork with 33 mm stanchions, while from the rear point of view there are double adjustable shock absorbers.

Useful and interesting choice, suitable for every need and need. If you are looking for a motorcycle with these characteristics, feel free to contact us: you have found what is right for you.