If you are looking for a snappy, agile and flexible, versatile and suitable for different types of travel, you have surely found what is right for you: this type of motorcycle is medium size, and this means that it easily adapts to transport you to different places, with an elegant and classy design.

On this scooter you can therefore experience a feeling of safety, throughout the journey: in fact, its being a multi-purpose and multifunctional motorcycle means that its engine and its characteristics allow you to move on more or less busy roads, without encountering risks.  In short, it is particularly suitable for the average motorcyclist who wants to move freely around the city but doesn’t want to make a trip that is too extreme.

At our shop you will find this bike that suits your needs, with the characteristics of a 125 cc engine perfectly suited to the normality and safety of a moderate trip.

If you are still undecided, we explain the features below:

• The engine is 125 cc, and is 4-stroke: with its power of 11.40 hp (8.3 kw) @ 8500 rpm, it has an electric ignition by means of a magnet, liquid-cooled with automatic transmission. These features allow the motorcyclist to ride in a pleasant and also very comfortable way;

• The size of the vehicle is quite medium. This means that it is neither too small nor too big, and that you can move with extreme safety feeling safe from any danger. The weight is 106.0 kg (233.7 lbs), while the length is 1,921 mm (75.6 in);

• Regarding fuel consumption, we can say that the average consumption is about 1.70 liters / 100 km. This means that you will not have to worry about refilling continuously, and that with 1 liter of fuel you can still travel for about 40-43 km;

• In addition to being of medium size and weight, the vehicle is also particularly light and agile: this means that you will have the opportunity to move around the city more easily, and that you will have a fairly snappy response in traffic conditions;

• The digital LED measurement panel is an interesting turning point in the world of engines, which this vehicle allows you to use: in fact, thanks to this high-tech instrumentation you will not have to worry about anything and you can move in total safety while always keeping under close control of fuel consumption, battery and oil change indicator in real time;

• Another gem of this bike is the double LED headlight: at sunset, or in any case in conditions of night visibility, this headlight will help you move more confidently;

• Finally, you can find this bike in five different color options: black, white-black, red-black, orange-black and blue-black.

Its features make this vehicle very complete and suitable for a series of needs: the fact that it is a versatile bike and suitable for many movements on the road makes our Honda Click 125i one of the favorites of tourists, who need not only a fast, agile and snappy ride, but also extremely safe and comfortable.