Best attractions and destinations for Rawai

October 13, 2022

When it comes to holidays and tourism, basically it could be said that there are two types of tourists: those who love fun and who go in search of destinations and attractions where there are many people and who are, in fact, renowned from the point of view of tourism, and those who prefer a low-profile holiday, carried out in a more relaxed way. It is not said, then, that the needs of one do not meet those of the other, because we have all had the opportunity to experience, at least once in our life, the need to breathe and relax, thus preferring a holiday dedicated to of relaxation; as it is also true that, at other times, it is preferable to dedicate oneself to fun and to the extremes of the holiday itself.

One of the places that can satisfy all needs is Thailand: in fact, you can find everything you need in this beautiful place, which in particular on the island of Phuket seems to contain the answer to all the possible needs of the tourist. Those who love diving can carry out these activities in dedicated waters, those a little deeper and a little more choppy; instead, the calm waters of the quieter beaches are dedicated to snorkeling activities; still, there are those who want to visit important parks and monuments or see imaginative shows, and then they cannot help but reach the Statue of the Big Buddha and the time dedicated, or the various parks considered natural reserves where many species can be observed different animals.

However, there’s an another aspect that many tourists look for when they go on vacation: there are many people, for example, who want to get into the heart of the city or the habits of that given community, and who instead of visiting as a tourist the place where they go on vacation, they choose to experience it almost as an inhabitant, almost as a member of the local community. We know that this is a somewhat difficult and complex experience, because to learn more about the customs and traditions of a community it is still necessary to live for a fairly long period of time in that place: however, the magic of a place like Rawai it is precisely that of being a place truly capable of guaranteeing a different vision of the place, a decidedly deeper vision (and consequently also more in-depth).

In fact, even if it’s possible to find tourist destinations in Rawai (which, remember, is located in the southern end of the island of Phuket), this location is very different from the others, precisely because it offers very interesting perspectives for those who want to know the community. local, its habits and traditions. It’s no coincidence that the real inhabitants of the island of Phuket have settled, over the years, right here, in this small town well known for its fishing activity: in fact, you can find real examples of these communities located in the so-called Gypsy Village, where people still live by fishing and selling shells and sea pearls to tourists.

A community that best represents local customs and traditions is that of the Chao Leh gypsies, the last representatives of an Indo-Pacific population, of animist religion, who immigrated to the Andaman Sea about 5000 years ago. It’s not a coincidence that in this area and in particular on the seafront you can find many fish restaurants where you can really taste Thai cuisine: for example, there are restaurants where you can eat on the floor mats (as is the custom of local populations) or there is the characteristic seafood market, where you can taste excellent fish ordered and cooked on the spot.

It shouldn’t be forgotten, then, that although the beach today is impractical from the point of view of bathing, it has been for many years a real point of reference for the local communities and even today it is possible to see inhabitants of the island who spend time in the midst of nature, to have a picnic under the trees and spend moments of well-deserved relaxation. From here, then, it’s possible to take a boat and reach the nearby islands, to visit them and make wonderful excursions: it’s no coincidence that Rawai is considered precisely as a crossing point from one place to another on the island of Phuket.

Phromthep Cape stands out among the must-see attractions: it is located at the top of the town and is therefore highly sought after by couples who want to spend an enchanting evening observing fabulous sunsets and taking wonderful souvenir photos. In addition, at the Phuket Orchid Farm, open every day from 9 to 17, you can admire some of the most beautiful and colorful Thai orchids (which can also be purchased to take home). In addition, Sawang Arom time is very interesting for those who want to learn about the traditions of Buddhist worship by observing statues, paintings, and also by listening to the songs sung by school students during the morning hours.

Finally, a visit to the Shell Museum is a must, which allows you to observe enchanting specimens (some even very rare) of shells from all over the world.